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Creative Movement
MELISSA TERAN WEBBY Dance Company enriches the lives of over 8,000 children  across the nation. It is a family-owned and operated company that  began in 1975 in Southern California. Children have the  opportunity  to build self-confidence, creativity, and coordination through creative  movement, dance, gymnastics, cheer and yoga, that WEBBY Dance  Company provides.  WEBBY classes are conveniently held on-site  each week at your child’s school.  Enroll today and join the fun!  To the Parents,  Not every young child who dances will go on to become a professional,  or even continue to dance into their later years.  However, the majority  who danced at some point in their lives will remember the experience  as a positive enhancement to their lives.  The feel-good rhythm that once moved their feet will continue to course through their veins today.   Once a dancer, always a dancer.   Children who dance have increased self-esteem, coordination, balance, and poise.  Dancing is not only fun, but educational. Keep Reading Summer Camp Melissa Teran Franchise Owner Office:  P.O.Box 711 West Chester, OH 45071 513-755-2480 Cincinnati Central Summer Camp Pay with Paypal Student Registration & Account Information New & previously enrolled students must complete the online registration form! (Click Here) Enroll Here WEBBY Dance Company Instructors Registration & Account Information Welcome Letter ClassDescriptions
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